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How is Bitcoin made?

How is Bitcoin made? When talking about Bitcoin, we have to mention the concept of Bitcoin mining in order to find out how this coin was made and where it was found.

Bitcoin mining means mining for it and extracting it, as it is like extracting gold, and extracting it from the ground requires certain equipment and mechanisms.

The same applies to Bitcoin mining, which requires specific programs to decode codes and complex processes, and these programs are available on the Internet completely free of charge, but your device will not bear the effort expended in using it, and the device may be damaged, so the root must be done when trying this process.

People in this case resort to cloud mining, which is done by specialized companies and a group of people with the same goals put a percentage of the money and when they win, they are divided by the percentage of the money they contributed.


The most popular bitcoin buying site

This site is not suitable for small operations because the bitcoin transfer fees are high, and bitcoins are purchased on it with a Visa card as well.

Buy bitcoin site
This site allows you to buy without registration, and it is preferable to try small amounts for the first time, because if anything goes wrong with the site, your money will be lost forever.

Virwox site
You can buy bitcoin with Visa or Paypal and its basic idea is to buy a dedicated currency for this site called SLL and then exchange it later for bitcoin and your account is charged in dollars or euros.

For buying Bitcoin directly, the local trading platform Mycelium allows its users of buyers and sellers geographically close to each other to transact directly, and transactions are made face-to-face using cash and Bitcoin.

This method has many risks. Fraud and burglary is detected by this method, but some people prefer this method to increase profit.

All virtual currencies contain significant risks due to the lack of a system that controls prices, and rather, it is the traders who control the buy and sell prices, causing price volatility and instability.