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How to mine bitcoin with a graphics card?

How to mine bitcoin with a graphics card? Digital currencies have become one of the important sectors that may threaten the value of fiat currencies in the old financial system, as it has now addressed many of the problems facing paper currency dealers, so what are the ways through which to obtain digital currencies, especially Bitcoin? How can it be mined? Bitcoin on the screen card?

Ways to obtain digital currencies
Before knowing how to mine Bitcoin on the screen, we must first talk about ways to obtain digital currencies, there is an increasing number of people wanting to keep digital currencies, especially after its price doubled and the price of Bitcoin reached nearly 20 thousand dollars during 2020 for the second time in its history. , Digital currencies are obtained through:

Mining as a reward for the owner of the operation as a result of complex calculations made by the machines.

Direct purchase from sites that provide this service.

Bitcoin mining
Before getting acquainted with Bitcoin mining, you should talk a little bit about mining in general, as it is a process carried out by a group of computers.

It is the treatment and solving of very complex mathematical problems that cannot be solved manually, and in exchange for this solution, the miner receives a reward equal to a number of bitcoins.

Bitcoin trading
Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new Bitcoin units as a result of solving a complex mathematical puzzle, and this process is extremely important in order to maintain the integrity of the blockchain on which Bitcoin depends, and mining has become more complex and faster over the past few years.

Bitcoin mining screen cards

Bitcoin mining is done by obtaining:
• A mining platform, there are only specialized mining devices. It is true that they are very expensive devices but have amazing speed, and they are constantly being developed by professionals or bitcoin miners using screen cards.
Create a digital wallet to keep your Bitcoin in it.
• Get a mining program, which is software that collects all the information a miner needs and adds what the blockchain needs.

How well you can mine Bitcoin on your display card depends on the types and number of graphics cards you use for this, and each graphics card has the power to mine it and it's called hash rate.

How to conduct Bitcoin mining for screen cards
This is done through the use of a computer with a random access memory of at least 4 GB, in light of the use of a number of graphics cards, which increases the ability to mine and follow the path of digital currency.