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How to trade bitcoin in Saudi Arabia

How to trade bitcoin in Saudi Arabia, Bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be compared to other currencies such as the dollar or the euro, except that it differs in that it is a completely virtual currency that is traded online and has no physical. Being or being in nature.

It is also a decentralized currency and is not issued by a specific bank or country of its own.

The issuance of this currency began in 2009 by a person called Satoshi and transactions with it are executed directly between users using cryptography without the presence of an intermediary or control over them.


The most famous bitcoin buying site in Saudi Arabia.
Many people are currently investing in virtual currencies and are looking for the best bitcoin buying sites so that they can fund their trading platform accounts and buy the currencies they want to buy.

How to trade bitcoin in Saudi Arabia
There are several websites that allow buying Saudi Bitcoins:
It is considered one of the most famous sites because of its many advantages, which are:
• The purchase price is higher than the market price.
• Activating the account with it is done through a passport or ID.
• The possibility of depositing and withdrawing in any amount.
• Its commission is small compared to other sites when depositing.
• It provides maximum safety to the user.

And in it, bitcoins are purchased through Visa or Paypal, and site fees appear upon request, and the site provides customer service to resort to them in the event of any problem.

The daily deposit limit on this site is 740 euros, which is a large sum compared to other sites. It also takes two days to activate the account at most, and the activation is done by attaching a copy of the passport or the license, and the purchase price in it is at a difference of $ 100 from the market price.

Coinmama website
One of the advantages of this site is registration and purchase, as the registration process is very easy and the purchase is made through the Visa card.

Local Bitcoins
It has been around for years and allows its users, sellers and buyers, to communicate with each other directly, and is also marked by the fact that bitcoin sellers can set the price and terms of sale as they want.

This site is suitable for quick purchase as it allows the process of buying Bitcoins through local banks such as the National Bank, which is one of the most secure sites for money and allows the user to choose the country, but on the other hand, the commission rates in it have become high compared to other sites.