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What is Bitcoin SV

What is Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin SV is one of the cryptocurrencies that was considered to be one of the original offshoots of Bitcoin and even some developers considered this a reflection of it.

The coin was created at the request of the Coin Geek Foundation, which is one of the leading organizations in cryptocurrency mining.

Bitcoin SV is a very independent digital currency, and you should know that digital currencies have neither physical properties nor physical existence like traditional currencies that we are used to, such as paper and coins, but they are electronic currencies.

As they are used in spot transactions, trading and investing in them through various trading platforms.

Let's learn more about Bitcoin SV, the purpose of its launch, and a brief summary of its start, and together we'll learn about its highlights and the latest news. Stay with us

Bitcoin SV and the purpose for which it was created
Bitcoin SV was launched in late 2018, specifically in November, nearly ten years after the launch of the original Bitcoin in 2008, the world's first digital currency, and many traders and developers have considered Bitcoin S to be a natural reflection of the parent Bitcoin.

Coin Geek sought to make Bitcoin SV a rebirth of the original Bitcoin coin so that it could accommodate larger transactions with billions of users without affecting transaction processing and the time taken to trade.

In some transactions, it reached four days, which greatly angered users, and for this it was necessary to find stable alternatives to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin SV features
• You can use Bitcoin SV as an online payment system.
• Scalable and expandable to accommodate a larger number of transactions.
• An independent currency whose price does not depend on the price of the parent Bitcoin.
• A digital currency with a fixed value and therefore not affected by price fluctuations and changes in the trading market.
Absolutely secure, adheres to its protocol and is run by the best coinGeek mining enterprise.
Bitcoin SV offers many different services to its users, the most prominent of which is the provision of electronic wallets through which you can exchange money.